Lilian van eyken homeopathy


Homeopathy is a method of healing which has been around for years, and is based on the principle of treating ;..‘like with like’...

what that means is, that if you have certain ailments or symptoms, there is always something in nature that matches those symptoms.

What is important in homeopathy, is that you take the totality of symptoms, in other words, not just one detail, or one symptom.

Thats why when you visit a homeopath, you will be asked questions about your physical, emotional and your spiritual wellbeing.

The homeopath then creates an image of a total being, as i always say to my patients,it is like a jigsaw.; then the homeopath will find a homeopathic remedy that matches your unique pattern, and will look for remedies in either the plant, animal, mineral kingdom.

By giving a remedy  that is a total match , you actually activate the person’s own healing energy, because the remedy works like a key in a lock...

And because  we only use remedies that are diluted and potentised [energised],they are very safe, and with no toxicity.

And can be used for a newborn baby and older person !!

lilian van eyken, a classical homeopath with 30 years of experience.

Lilian was trained in holland and qualified in 1982 from the dutch academy for natural medicine.

she also studied chinese medicine and acupuncture in belgium.

And spend some time in Dharamsala, Northern india, studying tibetan medicine.

She has run a full time practice in moycullen, county galway, ireland., for the past 25 years.